Faculty and Staff of Counseling Psychology

Warschburger, Petra division head  
Calvano, Claudia * research scientist  
Fehrmann, Carmen staff scientist  
Gmeiner, Michaela * research scientist  
Hoffmann, Svenja * research scientist / Ph.D. student  
Jendrzyca, Anna * research scientist / Ph.D. student  
Kaminski, Jana technician  
Li, Xiaoxi * research scientist  
Morawietz, Marisa * research scientist  
Peitz, Diana staff scientist  
Ruzanska, Ulrike * research scientist  
Sehm, Marie * research scientist / Ph.D. student  
Sinske, Peggy secretary  
Birkholz, Nora former research scientist  
Döring, Ivonne former research scientist  
Daenzer-Wiedmer, Maren former research scientist  
Deddner, Kristin former research scientist  
Friedrichs, Anke former research scientist  
Hansen, Ingeborg former staff scientist  
Helfert, Susanne former research scientist  
Hudjetz, Annekatrin former research scientist  
Jahnke, Dörte former research scientist  
Kühne, Daniela former research scientist  
Kröller, Katja former staff scientist  
Krentz, Eva Maria former research scientist  
Lieck, Katrin former staff scientist  
Mohnke, Sebastian former research scientist  
Neugebauer, Sophia former research scientist  
Richter, Maria former research scientist  
Seifried, Victoria former research scientist  
Selle, Mareen former research scientist / Ph.D. student  
von Schassen, Helena former technician  
* externally funded


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