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Appearance-Related Social Pressure Questionnaire (FASD)


Social influences are particularly relevant in the development of a negative body image and developmental changes during puberty make adolescents especially vulnerable for appearance-related social pressure from social agents like peers and parents.

Since measures for the broad assessment of appearance-related social impacts are lacking the FASD was developed which
a) asks for pressure in the main social contexts of adolescents, i.e. parents and peers
b) and comprises different kinds of social pressure.

The FASD comprises 32 items and was tested in children and adolescents at the age of 11 to 18 years. Apart from the use in epidemiological research, it can also provide practical implications for preventive and therapeutic approaches. Hence, it might contribute to the development of methods to enhance the school climate or healthy body-related attitudes and behavior. Further, it can support the planning and efficacy control of counselling and therapeutic processes.

How to cite and further information:
Helfert, S. & Warschburger, P. (2009). Fragebogen zum aussehensbezogenen sozialen Druck. Klinische Diagnostik und Evaluation, 3, 207-221.

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