ECEM 2007 

University of Potsdam, College of Human Sciences, Department of Psychology 14th European Conference on Eye Movements
14th European Conference on Eye Movements
19-23 August 2007 in Potsdam, Germany

Rules and Guidelines for Preparing Abstracts
for Talks and Poster Presentations

Abstracts may be submitted only through web browser using our Participant Dashboard system. No other means will be accepted.

Abstracts must be submitted by presenters. The submission system does not support submitting on behalf of somebody else.

The abstract must be written in English. It can be plain text only. No tables, figures, or images are possible.

Title:  max 150 characters including spaces
Abstract:  max 120 words including articles, max 2 paragraphs

You cannot use any special characters or symbols in your abstract. Such characters can't be handled properly by the online system (special characters are font-specific while web is font-blind). If you need to have, for example, Greek letter beta, enter it as (beta).

Due to vagaries of the networks and computer systems, we recommend your preparing the abstract in a word processing program and copy it into the online form rather than working online and risking to loose your work.

Abstracts will appear in the Conference Proceedings exactly as submitted. We will not proofread or edit your text in any way, so you should double-check that all is properly written.

Page last updated on 2 March 2007