ECEM 2007 

University of Potsdam, College of Human Sciences, Department of Psychology 14th European Conference on Eye Movements
14th European Conference on Eye Movements
19-23 August 2007 in Potsdam, Germany

Social Events

horse-drawn carriage ride
Sightseeing Potsdam from
horse-drawn carriage

[bullet]Map of Potsdam
[bullet]Map of Sanssouci Park

In alphabetical order.

Note that BBQ dinner is on Tuesday whereas all excursions are on Wednesday.

Important: Tickets for all excursions must be purchased in the conference office no later than 4 pm on Monday. Tickets for the New Palace Tour and the Horse-Carriage Ride can also be bought at the Welcome Reception. Tickets are sold on first-come, first-serve basis. Cash only.

Further questions? Inquire with the conference office.


A buffet-style dinner featuring a selection of grilled meats as well as choice of salads, breads, and side dishes. Should make meat-lovers happy while still giving enough choice for vegetarians. Note that it is a casual event, so no formal attire is expected.

   Ticket price: included in the conference fee for participants
20 EUR/person for additional guests
   Limit: none
   Meeting point: University "Mensa" in Bldg 12 (Haus 12)
   Event day: Tuesday
   Starting time: 5:30 pm
   Duration: 2 hrs


The New Palace (Neues Palais) is the last palace Frederick the Great built in Sanssouci Park. This monumental building has luxurious ceremonial halls, magnificent galleries, and richly designed private suites. It is also home of a magnificent collection of art and decorative objects of the 18th century. By special arrangment, we get to see the palace after its opening hours led by English-speaking professional tour guides. Note that palace tours are 6 Euro during their normal opening hours (the tickets are purchased for specific tour time, buying way ahead is required to ensure a spot). There is nothing formally planned after this excursion.

   Ticket price: 10 EUR/person
   Limit: 40 people/group, we get 3-4 groups if there is enough interest
   Meeting point: inner yard in front of the palace
   Event day: Wednesday
   Starting time: 5:00 pm; groups enter ca. 10 mins apart
   Duration: 1 hr


You will catch sight of some of the most famous places in Potsdam during this leisurely ride. The coachman speaks no English but that should not stop the enjoyment and local people will attempt to be tour guides. The sightseeing slalom through the city ends by the micro-brewery and restaurant "Meierei" (see the map of Potsdam) situated at the lake shore near the famous Cecilienhof Palace (Schloss Cecilienhof). There will be tables reserved for having a meal together (not included in the ticket). After dinner, you are on your own to return to town/hotel. One can walk through park "Neuer Garten", ca 40 mins, to the Old City or take bus (line 692).

   Ticket price: 10 EUR/person
   Limit: 16 people/carriage, we get 2-3 carriages if there is enough interest
   Meeting point: shuttle bus end-stop
   Event day: Wednesday
   Meeting time: 5:15 pm
   Duration: 1.5 hr


Those of you who want to visit Berlin, Potsdam, or area on their own, may want to take the shuttle bus to the main train station in Potsdam. This bus runs in addition to the regular transport to Kongresshotel and Luisenplatz. From the main train station, you have a selection of regional trains (RB- and RE- trains) and city train (S-Bahn) to get you to your destination.

   Ticket price: included in the conference fee (only the bus service to the train station)
   Limit: 69
   Meeting point: regular shuttle bus end-stop
   Event day: Wednesday
   Departure time: 5:15 pm
   Duration: 15 mins


We will take a leisurely stroll through the world-famous Sanssouci Park, stopping by Chinese Teahouse (Chinesisches Haus), Sanssouci Palace (Schloss Sanssouci), and Church of Peace (Friedenskirche) among others. The local participants of ECEM will be the tour guides, providing information about sights and history of this beautiful and vast garden. Depending on the number of people, we may break into smaller groups, each taking a different route, and each heading, after the walk, to a different restaurant, all on the outskirts of the park, to relax while enjoying a meal. There is "Wiener Cafe" next to downtown, "Mövenpick" next to Sanssouci Palace, and a couple restaurants in Krongut, the Crown Estate next to the park, to choose from (see the map of Sanssouci Park and/or the map of Potsdam).

   Ticket price: free
   Limit: none
   Meeting point: in front of Bldg 8 (Haus 8)
   Event day: Wednesday
   Meeting time: 5:15 pm
   Duration: 1-2-3 hrs

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