ECEM 2007 

University of Potsdam, College of Human Sciences, Department of Psychology 14th European Conference on Eye Movements
14th European Conference on Eye Movements
19-23 August 2007 in Potsdam, Germany

Selected Links related to Potsdam, Berlin, and the Area

[bullet]Travel related links, including information about Germany

In no particular order.

Potsdam City Plan

Interactive map of the city of Potsdam (in German).


The official web site of the city of Potsdam.

Potsdam's Sights

A list of tourist sights on Potsdam's web site.

Potsdam in

Potsdam's entry in Wikipedia; an excellent overview of Potsdam's history and attractions with numerous links to further information.

Potsdam Tourist Service

A site that gives a tourist perspective on all things Potsdam.

City Portrait of Potsdam

A short portrait of the city of Potsdam by German Academic Exchange Service. Info in several languages.

Berlin in

Berlin's entry in Wikipedia; quite exhaustive and with numerous links to further information.

Anything you want to know about Berlin. The official web site.


More to know about Berlin. The alternative web site.

Deutsche Bahn Travel Planning Service

European train connections as well as public transportation (city trains, trams, and buses) inside Germany, including city transportation in Berlin and Potsdam.

To check bus connections to the conference, enter "Campus Universität/Lindenallee, Potsdam" as the bus stop for the venue. You can enter only "Lindenallee, Potsdam" and then select the full bus stop name from a popup menu on the following page.

City Transportation Berlin-Brandenburg

Ticket options and regulations for Berlin and Potsdam transportation as well as tourist ticket options for the entire area.

Yahoo's Weather Info

Yahoo's weather forecast for Potsdam.

German Weather Info

Weather forecast for Potsdam in German.

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