ECEM 2007 

University of Potsdam, College of Human Sciences, Department of Psychology 14th European Conference on Eye Movements
14th European Conference on Eye Movements
19-23 August 2007 in Potsdam, Germany

Selected Links related to Travelling
to and in Germany as well as to and in Potsdam

[bullet]Potsdam, Berlin, and area links, including weather forecast

In no particular order.

German Foreign Office

Table of countries whose citizens require/do not require visas to enter Germany and other visa-related information. - visitor info

General information for visitors to Germany, including visas, German culture, Berlin, and other. - driving info

General information about driving in Germany.

Info-Potsdam.De - Gasoline Prices

List of gas stations in Potsdam and their current prices. In German but needs no translation really. The price info is provided only during work hours, that is during the day in Germany.

Deutsche Bahn Travel Planning Service

Train connections, timetables, and schedules for most of the European countries as well as public transportation (city trains, trams, and buses) inside Germany.

Deutsche Bahn Information

Portal to all information about train and other services, prices, and special offers for international Visitors to Germany.

Interactive Road Map of Germany

Route planner, time and milage calculator, driving directions.

Mapquest Driving Directions

Driving route planner for select European countries.

Yahoo.De Route Planner

Driving route planner for European countries (in German).

Falk Travel

Car travel planner (in German). Includes city maps and hotel guide.

Google Maps - English
Google Maps - German

Versatile map service, including city plans, driving directions. Search for, for example, hotels in Potsdam, Germany or Neues Palais, Potsdam.

City Transportation Berlin-Brandenburg

Ticket options and regulations for Berlin and Potsdam transportation as well as tourist ticket options for the entire area.

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