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University of Potsdam, College of Human Sciences, Department of Psychology 14th European Conference on Eye Movements
14th European Conference on Eye Movements
19-23 August 2007 in Potsdam, Germany

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Perception, binocularity, and oculomotor processes
BleumersLizzyPB-0121.08. 13:30Figure-ground segmentation and shape perception as a function of contour alignment and shape familiarity
BoströmKim JorisPB-0221.08. 13:30Speed discrimination of ocular following response and perception on the open-loop condition
DemeyerMaartenPB-0321.08. 13:30Transsaccadic perception of abstract parametric shapes
GegenfurtnerKarl R.PB-0421.08. 13:30Competition between luminance and color for target selection in smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements
LudwigCasimir J.H.PB-0521.08. 13:30The temporal integration strategy of the saccadic system
SchützAlexander C.PB-0621.08. 13:30Improved color sensitivity during smooth pursuit eye movements
YonemuraTomokoPB-0721.08. 13:30Effects of equiluminance color and size on perceived velocity of sigma-movement
AlshuthEwaldPB-0821.08. 13:30Comparison of mirror stereoscope and shutter glasses for measuring disparity vergence responses
JaintaStephaniePB-0921.08. 13:30Differences between objective and subjective measures of the convergence step response
KirkbyJulie A.PB-1021.08. 13:30Binocular coordination during scanning of simple dot stimuli
LeirosLuz I.PB-1121.08. 13:30Disparity fixation through rapid serial visual presentations
MedendorpW. PieterPB-1221.08. 13:30Depth constancy during vergence eye movements
TeichertTobiasPB-1321.08. 13:30Mislocalization in depth during horizontal saccades
VernetMarinePB-1421.08. 13:30Initiation of divergent vertical and horizontal eye movements
JaschinskiWolfgangPB-15*21.08. 13:30Fixation disparity and asymmetry in convergent and divergent disparity step responses: Relation between individual differences
Methods and modelling / Reading and language
BarnesGrahamPB-1721.08. 13:30A unified model of ocular pursuit that simulates predictive and randomised behaviour
Müller-PlathGiselaPB-1821.08. 13:30STRAVIS 2.0: Visual feature search is effectively modelled by incorporating biases for recurrent item visits and premature search termination
BertelSvenPB-1921.08. 13:30Robust portable eye tracking for real-time applications on electronic whiteboards
NudingUlrichPB-2021.08. 13:30A theory of the dual pathways for smooth pursuit
SimolaJaana M.PB-2121.08. 13:30Different processes are used during reading and search tasks: Evidence from eye movements and Hidden Markov Model
AshbyJanePB-2221.08. 13:30Parafoveal processing of phonological features during visual word recognition
DiderichsenPhilipPB-2321.08. 13:30Investigating unscripted spoken dialogue processing using eye-tracking: Givenness marking in indefinite referring expressions in Danish
FilikRuthPB-2421.08. 13:30The effect of expectation on the focusing properties of quantifiers: An on-line test of the Presupposition-Denial account
FukumuraKumikoPB-2521.08. 13:30Conceptual access during speech production: Evidence from the visual-world eye-movement paradigm
GompelRoger vanPB-2621.08. 13:30Syntactic priming in the comprehension of ditransitive structures
WangHsueh-ChengPB-27*21.08. 13:30Estimating word's predictability on lexical processing using latent semantic analysis - verification from eye movement data
AngeleBernhardPB-2821.08. 13:30Parafoveal processing in reading: Manipulating N+1 and N+2 previews simultaneously
ApelJensPB-2921.08. 13:30Targeting regressions: Do people pay attention to the left?
CauchardFabricePB-3021.08. 13:30Do visual signals extend the perceptual span in reading below or above the fixated line? A gaze-contingent eye movement study
BocianskiDianaPB-3121.08. 13:30Effects of syntactical context on eye movements while reading continuous text
BlytheHazel I.PB-3221.08. 13:30Reading disappearing text: Adults' and children's oculomotor control
TsaiJie-LiPB-3321.08. 13:30The optimal viewing position in Chinese word recognition
WegerUlrich W.PB-3421.08. 13:30The accuracy and function of regressions during reading
SchrammelFranziskaPB-3521.08. 13:30Meeting a virtual anthropomorphic character: Effects of characters' emotional expression on eye movements and facial EMG of human observers
WangChin-AnPB-3621.08. 13:30Parafoveal-on-foveal effects in Chinese reading: An eye-movements study
VanyukovPolina M.PB-3721.08. 13:30Serial or parallel? Using depth of processing to examine attention allocation during reading
DareNatasha K.PB-3821.08. 13:30Crossed disparities are preferred over uncrossed disparities: Evidence from binocular lexical decision in a stereoscope
Clinical aspects and emotion
CalvoManuel G.PB-3921.08. 13:30Visual search of emotional faces: Eye-movement assessment of component processes
HeubnerMichaelPB-4021.08. 13:30Are eye movement parameters dependent on induced mood?
RothKatharinaPB-4121.08. 13:30Eye movements in emotions: The influence of basic emotions on eye movement patterns
SpanneJanna G.PB-4221.08. 13:30Regarding pictures: The task of music. A study of the impact of music on visual attention in viewing still images
BonifacciPaolaPB-4321.08. 13:30Autonomic responses and eye movement patterns when looking at family members, friends, strangers and objects
HardiessGregorPB-4421.08. 13:30Differences in gaze behavior and task performance in patients with homonymous visual field defects (HVFDs)
LandgrafSteffenPB-4521.08. 13:30Predictive saccades are impaired in biological non psychotic siblings of patients with schizophrenia
HeremansElkePB-4621.08. 13:30Interaction between eye and hand movements in patients with intention tremor due to MS
WurtzPascalPB-47*21.08. 13:30Length perception in hemispatial neglect: Having a Look at the Brentano illusion
LesniakMarcinPB-4821.08. 13:30The role of the basal ganglia in eye-movements control - a study on oculomotor disorders in patients with Wilson's disease
MurakamiShinjiPB-4921.08. 13:30Characteristric eye movement and cognitive visual field in Alzheimer disease during visuospatial working memory task
LimanThomasPB-5021.08. 13:30An increased virtual foveal hemianopic field defect reduces the scanpath similarity of visual imagery and perception
DeruazAnoukPB-5121.08. 13:30Paragraphed text reading with a central scotoma: The transient disengagement eye movement pattern
Application / Attention and scene perception
CrespoAntonioPB-5521.08. 13:30How well do the new combined anti-tobacco warnings capture visual attention? An eye tracking study to analyse the impact level of the image
MoriiMasahiroPB-5621.08. 13:30Influence of product arrangement on consumer behavior
OsakiHitomiPB-5721.08. 13:30Influence of color and position on conspicuity of point-of-purchase advertising
SchollererEstherPB-5821.08. 13:30Driving and advertisements: A simulator study with eye movements recorded
SomeyaAsukaPB-5921.08. 13:30Which element on a cosmetic advertisement attracts consumers' interests?
YoshidaKaoruPB-6021.08. 13:30Effect of point-of-purchase advertising with rankings on consumer behavior
JohansenSune AlstrupPB-6121.08. 13:30The challenge of extracting "golden" scan paths
GerganovAlexanderPB-6221.08. 13:30Can verbs make us look up or down?
UrbinaMario H.PB-6321.08. 13:30pEYEdit: Gaze-based text entry via pie menus
Di StasiLeandro LuigiPB-6421.08. 13:30The dynamics of saccadic responses as Mental Workload [MW] index in microworld simulation
AcarturkCengizPB-6521.08. 13:30Multimodal comprehension of language and graphics: Graphs with and without verbal annotation
DivjakMatjazPB-6621.08. 13:30Analysis of realistic speech and gaze interactions inside a VR environment: Can gaze help disambiguate deictics in speech commands?
KoerberBerndPB-6721.08. 13:30Real-world scene perception: About the influence of priming and expertise
ClementRichard A.PB-6821.08. 13:30Eye movements made during diagnosis from fundud photographs
HillRobin L.PB-6921.08. 13:30Multiple communication modalities and visual alignment in dynamic joint action
MaughanLizziePB-7021.08. 13:30Video replay of eyetracking as a cue in retrospective protocol ...Don't Make Me Think Aloud!
BornSabinePB-7121.08. 13:30Influence of distractor size and contrast on the remote distractor effect
De GraefPeterPB-7221.08. 13:30Hemifield effects on the read-out of the visual analog
RodererThomasPB-7321.08. 13:30Developmental progression in children's allocation of attention
Van BelleGoedelePB-7421.08. 13:30Presaccadic allocation of attention to translating vs stationary objects as a determinant of transsaccadic target position change detection
AnderssonRichardPB-7521.08. 13:30Differences between languages yield different attention distributions: The case of manner
MoiseevaVictoria V.PB-7621.08. 13:30Positive EEG-potentials during eye fixation reflect attention and saccades preparation in man

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