Research and Graduate Programs in the Department of Psychology

DFG Graduate Program: Developmental Psychopathology and Evidence-based Intervention

since December 2007

Contact:   Prof. Dr. Günter Esser and Prof. Dr. Petra Warschburger

Research in developmental psychopathology has achieved high priority and will become even more important in the future as it provides the scientific basis for cross-linking biological-neuroscientific and psychosocial risk research. The knowledge and insights gained are applied to prevention and intervention measures, which have a high significance for public health care. The research program covers the domains of development epidemiology, developmental psychopathology and development intervention.


DFG Research Training Group and Graduate Program: Intrapersonal Developmental Risk Factors in Childhood and Adolescence - A Longitudinal Perspective (GRK 1668)

since April 2011

Contact:   Prof. Dr. Birgit Elsner and Prof. Dr. Günter Esser

The research training group studies developmental risk factors in childhood and adolescence from a longitudinal perspective. Bringing together different areas of psychology, the focus is on intrapersonal risk factors, such as basic characteristics of information processing or domain-specific affective and cognitive processes, and on developmental problems related to learning and achievement, externalising and internalising psychological problems, and eating and weight-related problems.


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