Aspasia Papachiou

List of Publications - Presentation of Research Activity

  1. Kafetsios, K., Papachiou, A., Karaolanis, S., & Serediova, M. (2016). Cultural identity, emotion, and achievement motivations: A cross-gender comparison. International Web-based Conference of Entrepreneurship in Turbulent Times, University of Crete, Chania, Crete, Greece, August 2016
  2. Kafetsios, K., Andriopoulos, P., & Papachiou, A. (2014). Relationship status moderates avoidant attachment differences in positive emotion decoding accuracy. Personal Relationships, 21(2), 191-205. doi: 10.1111/pere.12026
  3. Kafetsios, K. & Papachiou, A. (2012). Attachment orientation and relationship status effects on emotion perception. Biennial conference of the International Association of Relationships Research, University of Illinois, Chicago, July 2012
  4. Papachiou, A. (2010, April). Working Attachment Models, the Interpersonal Framework, and the Ability to Perceive Positive and Negative Emotions. Supervisor: Kafetsios, K. 2nd National Convention of Students' Psychology Research "New Steps in the Science of Psychology", Department of Psychology, city of Thessalonica, April 2010. Main speaker
  5. Triliva, S., Bursten, K., & Papachiou, A., (2009, May). Interventions in the Community: An open group of discussion and mutual assistance. Symposium: Qualitative Approaches to the Treatment of Psychosocial Problems. 12th National Convention of Psychology Research "The contribution of psychology research to contemporary society", city of Volos, May 2009. Main speaker



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