Differential Psychology and Psychological Assessment

formerly Differential and Personality Psychology


Division head: Prof. Dr Michela Schröder-Abé
Office: Peggy Sinske

Personality Psychology examines why people are different and the importance of these differences for behaviour, congitions and emotions in various aspects of life such as health, education, work, relationships, and family. In the context of Differential Psychology, variations in the regulation of emotions (eg, anxiety) and stress management are investigated. Possible differences in the behavioral (eg displacement behavior), endocrinological (eg oxytocin) or physiological (eg heart rate, blood pressure) and cognitive parameters are investigated as potential predictors and explanatory models are developed.

Our research focuses on:

  • Singlehood, partnership, family and cooperative relationships
  • Personality-relationship-transaction
  • Attachment representation, types and styles of attachment
  • Anxiety and stress research

Our teaching focus is:

  • Basics of Personality Psychology
  • Personality research methods
  • Applied personality psychology
  • Basics of Psychological Diagnostics
  • Test theory and test construction



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